Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who are we?

Eco Studios is a provider of Minecraft-related services. Our most
frequent services are builds, skin packs, cinematics or trailers,
key art and other types of design. We've been providing these
services for the last Four years to Mojang and Costumers. Always
prioritizing safety and quality.


Q: Why choose we?

With so many other Studios out there, it's hard to choose which
one. But we have the differential! We work with more quality,
speed and safety (In addition to the prices before you ask).

Let's get straight to the point: Do you dream of some project? do
you want to make this dream come true? we're here to make it
real, make it happen. Whatever your need, we'll do it.


Q: What experience does your team have?

Eco Studios has 35 talented workers specialized in different
areas. Approximately Five Thousand customers have already
been served. Each of our team has 5-10 years of experience in the
labor market.

We take great care of our team. Each of them is hand selected. In
view of these four years providing services, Eco Studios has
excellent ratings for our products.

If experience is what you're looking for, you've found it.